AJ Refinery provides a distinct and contemporary variety of high-quality products, as well as unique and elegant customized services.

Cast Bars: Cast bars have a lower quality finish than minted bars and are produced by pouring molten precious metal straight into precisely prepared moulds under a soft gas flame. AJ Refinery is capable of producing cast bars in a wide range of sizes, including 5 tolas, 10 tolas, 50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1 kilogram, around the clock, owing to its cutting-edge manufacturing facility.

Blanks: AJ Refinery Can Also Produce Customised Blanks In Just About Any Size Or Form Based On Your Specifications And Design. Blanks’ Surfaces Can Be Finished In A Rolling Mill Or Drum. The Rim Can Be Finished Flat, Geometrically, With A Round Edge, Or In Whichever Combination The Client Needs. Blanks Can Be Annealed Upon Request To Improve Quality Even More.

Coins & Medals: AJ Refinery Has A Longstanding Experience Of Inventing, Designing, And Manufacturing Commemorative Coins And Medals. Minted Coins And Medals Are Made By Cutting Rolled Metal Sheets That Have Been Specifically Prepared. The Ingots Have A High Grade Polish, Are Guaranteed To Be Pure, And Are Manufactured In The Same Facility As Our Minted Coins. Our Manufacturing Technique Enables Us To Produce Alloys Of All Varieties In-House For Any Type Of Product Purity Requirement. 

Original Artwork Creation, Design, Unique Projects, Plaster Work, Die Preparation, Manufacturing Of High Quality Semi-Finished Products, As Well As Final Minting Items, Including Packaging, Are All Services We Offer.

All Coins And Medals Manufactured In Our Mint Are Confirmed By Our Laboratory, Carefully Inspected By Our Operators, Individually Packed, And Carefully Monitored Before Export. We Pay Special Attention To Each And Every Request From Our Clients And Respond Quickly To Ensure That You Get Only The Best Service And Products.